Book Reviews

“Orthokostá” by Thanassis Valtinos

Valtinos explores the twists and turns between perpetrating and being the victim of violence amid the confusions and contradictions of civil war.

Magdaléna Platzová’s “The Attempt”

A powerfully distilled meditation on the competing costs of freedom and dependence.

Pizarnik’s “Extracting the Stone of Madness” & Dabral’s “This Number Does Not Exist”

Pizarnik is a heroic voyager slaying demons and recovering lost languages . . . . Dabral returns again and again to childhood, to the difference between city and countryside, to a nagging sense of loss.

May 2016

On Cuban Time

Cuban time moves to its own complex rhythms.

Project DreamReal

“you can't go asking for the impossible.”

Swimming Upstream

“For me to answer that, you’d have to prove that baseball players have souls.”

The Bleeding Hands of Castaways

But you’re a space man, and you needed to build me a bar on an asteroid.

Interstellar Biochocolate Mousse à la solitaire . . . For Two

Set aside four containers to chill (but not in the freezer or in outer space).

Royalty Check

Elementary: The robber who knows his penal codes and his percentages also knows about literature.

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