Book Reviews

“Martutene” by Ramon Saizarbitoria

A disruptive romance as metaphor for the complexities of contemporary ethnic and political Basque identity.

“Limbo Beirut” by Hilal Chouman

For six strangers, the brutality of May 2008 reawakens forgotten memories of the Lebanese Civil War.

“The Invisibility Cloak” by Ge Fei

A likable loser tries to keep his head above the torrent of contemporary Beijing.

October 2016

In Those Days and These: Multilingual Singapore

These pieces paint a picture of a Singapore that has ceased to be.

There Was a Bridge in Tekka

The bridge is gone. The river is gone.

From “Opera Costume”

If this had been Hong Kong, surely he’d have become a movie star!

Hey, Wake Up!

We are not a run-of-the-mill company. We do not engage in run- of-the-mill business.

The Withered Cherry Tree

Today, she was the richest girl in the world.

Black Panther

One thought occupied his mind all this time: that he might not have a son to perform his last rites.

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