Book Reviews

“Limbo Beirut” by Hilal Chouman

For six strangers, the brutality of May 2008 reawakens forgotten memories of the Lebanese Civil War.

“The Invisibility Cloak” by Ge Fei

A likable loser tries to keep his head above the torrent of contemporary Beijing.

“Me Against the World” by Kazufumi Shiraishi

“Dying has never been our true suffering. All of our sufferings, in fact, have been born . . . from having to live in this mutable world.”

September 2016

There Is No Map: The New Italian(s)

Who is Italian, what is the Italian language, and who deserves to write in it?


He was fascinated with India: I represented its Italian branch, easily accessible.

The Act of Naming

How can we grieve for those we cannot identify?

Two Untitled Prose Poems

Exile is accompanied by the idea of solitude.

Listening to Silence

“I gallop in English, I am a towering dervish in Urdu, and Hindi is my Kama Sutra. I am still on all fours in Italian.”

From “Goldfish Don’t Live in Puddles”

“Trailers aren’t usually known to speak.”

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