Book Reviews

Pizarnik’s “Extracting the Stone of Madness” & Dabral’s “This Number Does Not Exist”

Pizarnik is a heroic voyager slaying demons and recovering lost languages . . . . Dabral returns again and again to childhood, to the difference between city and countryside, to a nagging sense of loss.

Kim Yideum’s “Cheer Up, Femme Fatale” & Oh Sae-young’s “Night-Sky Checkerboard”

The old to the new: recent Korean poetry in translation.

Raja Alem’s “The Dove’s Necklace”

A sensual, surreal, and challenging novel by the first woman to win the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

April 2016

Women, Writing War

It’s a dubious privilege that a woman can tell war stories as brutal and devastating as a man can.

The Scream

The Party. The Revolution. Blood. All of it, together.

Tito and Taxidermy, or What If Tito Had Been on Twitter?

The human factor is not essential. Sunscreen—now that's essential.

The Seed of Evil: Sarajevo 1995

You don’t become a war correspondent by accident or by chance.

From “What are the Blind Men Dreaming?”

The compassionate understand pain, but pain cannot be understood; those who suffer understand nothing.

The True Story of “Faccetta Nera”

A black woman, in the regime’s view, simply could not be an Italian.

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