Book Reviews

“Infidels”  by Abdellah Taïa

Dreams of unraveling love and belonging on the path to Jihad.

“Scattering the Dark: An Anthology of Polish Women Poets” edited by Karen Kovacik

A lively selection of Poland’s women poets writing before and after the fall of communism.

“Orthokostá” by Thanassis Valtinos

Valtinos explores the twists and turns between perpetrating and being the victim of violence amid the confusions and contradictions of civil war.

June 2016

In Praise of Nonconformity: The Queer Issue

Behind the bigotry and hyperbole lurk the fear of the unknown, the threat to the status quo.


Because what you felt when he turned you down was how I felt whenever I looked at you.

Car Accident without Victims

At home, no one suspects I do this. Imagine. It’d destroy my marriage.

Tomorrow, God Willing

“Everyone’s queer in this bloody prison!”


I suddenly realized that he was wearing a wig and the skin beneath his clothing was as coarse as tree bark.


I’ve been unfaithful on Good Friday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and even during a coup d’état.

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