Book Reviews

“Me Against the World” by Kazufumi Shiraishi

“Dying has never been our true suffering. All of our sufferings, in fact, have been born . . . from having to live in this mutable world.”

“The Ropewalker: Between Three Plagues, Volume I” by Jaan Kross

A thoroughly modern man in an Early Modern world rises from humble origins to greatness through wit and learning.

“The First Wife: A Tale of Polygamy” by Paulina Chiziane

The economics of love and marriage in a country burdened with a history of violent conflict.

August 2016

Literary Heroes: Women Writers from Taiwan

Taiwanese women have proved adept at carving out spaces for themselves.

From “The March of Time”

“Whatever kind of person you were, that’s the kind of ghost you’ll be.”

From “Notes of a Crocodile”

“What if we ran out of things to talk about?”

From “Qibla”

“I’m sorry. I’ll change your pants right away.”

From “The Ringing of the Rain has a Forgiving Grace”

I am willing to carve you a ten-second slice of winter.

We Deliver More Than We Promise

I’m the pig, I said, you’re just an idiot

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