Book Reviews

“The First Wife: A Tale of Polygamy” by Paulina Chiziane

The economics of love and marriage in a country burdened with a history of violent conflict.

“Among Strange Victims” by Daniel Saldaña París

A psychedelic slog through the pleasures and mysteries of slacking off and not measuring up.

“Infidels”  by Abdellah Taïa

Dreams of unraveling love and belonging on the path to Jihad.

July 2016

Brazil Beyond Rio

The writers here—both those from abroad and those from Brazil—set out to rediscover and portray the diverse Brazils within this dynamic country.

Grande Sertão: Veredas (Bedeviled in the Badlands)

Are you like me, sir? I didn’t buy a word.

The Time Left

Work is too ambiguous a word. Does life work? No, it always wrecks.

Death in the Amazon

But first they sever José Cláudio’s right ear.


“It’s impossible for a sister recluse to sing like that. We no longer feel those emotions.”

Beauty, a Terrible Story

“Who cares about an old wreck?”

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