Words without Borders Presents Venezuela Issue

New York City, New York, March 3, 2014—Words without Borders (WWB) magazine announces the publication of an issue of new writing from Venezuela.

The issue features fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in translation. In her striking introduction, our guest editor, the poet and critic Ana Nuño, walks readers through the tumultuous recent events in Venezuela and highlights the resilience of the Venezuelan literary scene, which flourishes even under these hostile conditions.

 Alberto Barrera Tyszka’s witty tale of infidelity keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

And Israel Centeno sets a torrid affair against the country’s history of violence.  

The other writers in the issue include Milagros Socorro, Maria Auxiliadora Álvarez, Victoria de Stefano, Ana Teresa Torres, Yolanda Pantin, Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles, and Rafael Cadenas.

Words without Borders is pleased to shed some light on the underexplored but vibrant world of new Venezuelan writing. Ana Nuño said, “Venezuela has recently hit the front pages of the media around the world, as peaceful demonstrations have been met with violent repression from police and soldiers. But this country also harbors a compelling literature. We are glad to offer a selection of narrative and poetry by renowned Venezuelan authors who often work under difficult conditions.”

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