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from the November 2005 issue: Seoul Searching

from “Towards a Science of Non-Existence”


if I only possessed a sunlit room
for sure I'd rid myself of my foes
aside from the bones of my ancestors prey
to lengthy fevers nothing brings me pleasure

aside from the bones of my ancestors with whom
I was not seen there's nothing I'd squander
it's not what I've placed inside me that matters
and I've tried to place lots but what is prey

to lengthy fevers and impossibility ("beat it,
Dycki") for us stirs no associations


it's fall already Lord and I've no home
and at home aside from comforts I find
no needful things to follow and weep for
since many would like me to declare myself

many there are who see me as a sack
bulging with bones to Monday and back
but I say to them it's not going to happen
and keep myself occupied (on Friday during

the fast) once I've disposed of it all


it's fall already Lord and I've no home but for
needful things in which life can be fine
but for needful things there's nothing I can lift
though I do what I can to break free of the past

whereas if I only possessed a few rooms
in one for sure I'd lock up sin
let it stop misbehaving as I leave the church
of St. Stanislaus Kostka if only I possessed

a sunlit room I'd be gone from here

November 2005
Seoul Searching
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