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from the October 2004 issue: Romanian Riches


I've been here too. In the blank white patch (hic sunt leones)

on the map. Here. In the heart of the phosphorous flame

in the core of the star of insomnia of the absence of meaning

here where huge dogs prowl

Yes. In the heart of the wish to die

What incandescence. What incandescence

What huge ravenous dogs race in circles around me

race in circles around you

You are forbidden to me. I love you but my flesh turns black upon me

a block of coal pure useless alive

I want: to touch you to dissolve myself into you

like rain in the sea like earth in water

I want us to be cloaked by one single skin

You are forbidden to me. I hear the sharp snap

of my vertebrae

cracking under the black boots of pain

The Iron Age splinters my neck

the white beast which has no master

Yes. In the guise of love death plies its trade inside me

(we will die separated)

I've been here too. Lingered until the white flag was waved. Immersed in the white star

In the heart of the refusal to be

I stare at the ravenous dogs racing faster and faster around me

(they know: I am the Jew

you know: I am the Jew

I know: everyone knows I am the Jew)

Here. In the blank white patch. In the heart of this meaningless love

of annihilation. In the heart of the refusal to be
October 2004
Romanian Riches
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