Just Gone to Bed

Just gone to bed
Oh well, not turning the light on
Jerking the shin back from the cold rim
And nothing
Something gripes inside and
However I strain doesn’t come
Remembered in horror M.P. telling how adenoma
they reach it with a cutter through the urethra
good gracious
to the bathroom not feeling the pain
hit the toes against the door jamb
okay okay
here’s a toothbrush with aero-
dynamic handle
push it furiously into the rear
up and down
read somewhere prostate massage helps
and when already unbearable
above the bowl
in a thin squirt
thank you god
thank you god
tiptoeing back
the sleeping-room is stuffy
and the boy hasn’t woken up

Copyright Dmitri Kuzmin. By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright 2010 by Julia Idlis. All rights reserved.