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from the June 2007 issue: Those Cool Scandinavians

The Bergkvist Sisters


I've had a lot of time lately, and I've been thinking about the King and Queen. They were Crown Prince and Princess then, of course, but what if they hadn't had a son second time around? Would they have just had to keep going? There's got to be a boy after all, hasn't there, a future king? Imagine the Crown Princess after giving birth eight times, after the eighth girl she'd have looked totally exhausted.

That's how things were for Ellen anyway. Ellen Bergkvist; Junk Billy's wife. Women that have loads of kids tend to get a bit blowsy. It gets more and more difficult to shed the extra pounds each time. With Ellen it was the exact opposite. She ended up looking like an X-ray of herself. A pile of bones with a scrap of black material draped round them. I swear! If she'd stood behind any average sized pine tree, she'd have vanished.

Rakel arrived in July 1973, Leah April 1974, Sara February 1975, Maria May 1976 and Rebekka December 1977. Then a few years passed during which Billy and Ellen didn't have any more kids, and people i

June 2007
Those Cool Scandinavians
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