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from the July 2011 issue: The Arab Spring, Part I

The Rook, the Crow, the Magpie

the rook, the crow, the magpie,
like humans, one step and the next,
in order to walk lost in thought each could
become a talker; head
weighted down, learning almost reflective,
touch of iridescent light, each walks
measuring, meditates, shakes its head,
a foot, three traces and one more,
the other foot, on the roof, in the
snow, mind and eye, there,
feathers of air on earth.

Translation of “[el grajo, el cuervo, la urraca],” by Olvido García Valdés, from Y todos estábamos vivos (Barcelona: Tusquets Editores, 2006. Copyright Olvido García Valdés. By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright by Catherine Hammond. All rights reserved.

July 2011
The Arab Spring, Part I
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