The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry

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“An impossible task well done is a great thing. And for those of us more or less islanded in English, this sample of the planet’s poetic riches translated from many tongues is a precious gift, a privileged opening to a larger world. The editors’ allegiance to what connects and enlarges us led to the bold decision to arrange these 20th Century poets—not by language or nation—but chronologically, making time their shared dwelling place, and poetry a human space in a barbarous century.”
— Eleanor Wilner

“Starting from the shared and shareable human heart, the poems in this stunning, indispensable anthology guide us readers by a thousand paths across that landscape of terror and beauty that was the twentieth century. By journey’s end, we’ve traversed the whole globe and stand on the threshold of the new millennium in a world made small, and whole, and home by these poets, these poems.”
— Gregory Orr