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Amina Saïd

Image of Amina Saïd

Amina Saïd is the author of fourteen collections of poems, most recently Les Saisons d’Aden, published in May 2011 by Editions Al Manar, the second of a trilogy beginning with Tombeau pour sept frères, published in 2008 with illustrations by Hassan Massoudy. Her six titles published with les Editions de la Différence include L’Absence l’inachevé (2009), Au présent du monde (2006) and La Douleur des seuils (2002). She is also the author of two collections of retold Tunisian folk tales, Le Secret (Criterion, 1994) and Demi-coq et compagnie (L’Harmattan,1997). She received the Jean Malrieu Prize in 1989 for Feu d'oiseaux and in 1994 the Charles Vildrac Prize. Her third book, Sables funambules, was translated into Spanish by Myriam Montoya in 2006, and other work has been translated into Arabic, German, Turkish, Italian, and Dutch in journals or at the world-wide literary festivals in which she often participates. Born in Tunisia in 1953, Amina Saïd has lived in Paris since 1979.


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