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Cécile Oumhani

Cécile Oumhani has always lived in a multicultural background. Born in Belgium, she grew up in France and was in constant epistolary touch with her Canadian relatives. Tunisia wove itself into her life later. Associate professor at the Université de Paris-Est Créteil, she is a poet and a novelist. Her books of poems are published by Voix d’encre. Two of them were translated into Russian and published by Kommentarii in 2008. Pen Press Ediciones published Los instantes silenciosos, a Spanish translation of her poems. She participates in numerous anthologies and festivals. Several of her novels are set in Tunisia and deal with issues like exile, otherness and mixed identities. Les racines du mandarinier was translated into Croatian and published by Ljevak in 2007. A Serbian translation was published by Stylos art in 2009. Le café d’Yllka won the Prix Littéraire Européen de l’ADELF in 2009. Barbes Editore published an Italian translation in 2010. L'atelier des Strésor was awarded a special mention for the Franco-Indian 2012 Gitanjali Prize as well as the Prix de la Bastide 2013. Tunisie, carnets d'incertitude was published in 2013, followed by two books of poems, La nudité des pierres in 2013 and Passeurs de rives in 2015. She received the Prix européen francophone Virgile 2014.

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