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Hamdi Abu Golayyel

Hamdy Abu Golayyel, born in 1968, now lives in greater Cairo, where he is Editorial Director for the Folk and Popular Culture Studies Series in the Mass/Public Culture Administration, Government of Egypt. He is of Bedouin origin and moved to Cairo from a settlement like the one he describes in his novel, Thieves in Retirement. He lives with his wife and two young daughters, Hala and Dunya. He writes for Jaridat al-Ittihad al-Imaratiyya (Newspaper of the Emirates' Union). He has published two volumes of short stories, Asrab al-naml (Swarms of Bees, Cairo: Hay'at Qusur al-Thaqafa, 1997) and Ashya' matwiyya bi-*Šñanaya fa'iqa (Items Folded with Great Care, Cairo: al-Hay'a al-misriyya al-*Šñamma lil-kitab, 2000). Lusus mutaqa'idun (Cairo: Dar Mirit, 2002) is his first novel. He has also published a nonfictional work, al-Qahira: Shawari' wa-hikayat (Cairo: Streets and Stories, Cairo: Maktabat al-usra, 2003). Abu Golayyel is the recipient of three literary awards: Ja'izat al-majmu'a al-qisasiyya (Award for a Short Story Collection), Ministry of Culture, Egypt, 1997; Ja'izat al-qissa (Award for Fictional Narrative: Short Story), Akhbar al-yawm, Cairo, 1999; and Ja'izat al-ibda' al-*Šñarabi (Arabic Creative Writing Award), United Arab Emirates, 2000.

His novel, Thieves in Retirement, will be published by Syracuse University Press in 2006.