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Harkaitz Cano

Image of Harkaitz Cano

Harkaitz Cano was born in San Sebastian in 1975. In addition to the poetry collections Kea behelainopean bezala (Like Smoke in a Low-lying Fog; 1994) and Norbait dabil sute-eskaileran (Somebody's Out on the Fire Escape; 2001), he has published several collections of short stories, as well as the novels Beluna Jazz (1996) and Pasaia blues (1999) and the personal chronicle set in New York: Piano gainean gosaltzen (Breakfasting on the Piano, 2000). One of his short stories was included in An Anthology of Basque Short Stories (University of Nevada, Reno, 2004). His latest work is Belarraren ahoa (The Grass Knife, 2004) a short novel. Even though he writes in Basque, most of his books have been translated into Spanish. He lives in the Basque Country and works as a radio and TV scriptwriter. [Image: Sushi Maky]

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