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Juan Goytisolo

Spanish novelist Juan Goytisolo was born in Barcelona in 1931. His mother was killed in a Francoist air raid on Barcelona. Deep opposition to Franco led him into exile in Paris in 1956, and he has never gone back to live in Spain. He worked as a reader for Gallimard where he met Monique Lange, his future wife. He published Marks of Identity (1966), Count Julian (1970), and Juan the Landless (1975), a trilogy that signaled his turn away from conventional narrrative fiction. Like most of his work, they were banned in Spain until Franco's death. For more than twenty years he lived between Paris and Marrakesh. After Monique Lange's death in 1996 he has lived solely in Marrakesh. Recent novels in translation include The Marx Family Saga (1999) The Garden of Secrets (2000), A Cock-Eyed Comedy (2000) and The Blind Rider (2005). Verso re-issued his autobiography, Forbidden Territory and Realms of Strife, in 2003. He initiated and chaired the UNESCO committee for the Defense of Non-Material Culture.

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