Timothy D. Sergay

Timothy D. Sergay is an assistant professor of Russian language and translation at SUNY Albany. He has over seventeen years of experience as a professional translator of Russian, including four years on the staff of The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press as both translator and editor for media affairs. His translation of the memoir of Soviet submarine commander Nikolai Zateyev was published in 2002 by National Geographic Books in K-19: The Widowmaker: The Tragic Story of the Soviet Nuclear Submarine, edited by Peter Huchthausen. He has translated the historical documents for several volumes in Yale University Press's Annals of Communism series, as well as the memoirs of Soviet nuclear physicists V. A. Zukerman and his wife Z. M. Azarkh, published in English as Arzamas 16: Soviet Scientists in the Nuclear Age: A Memoir, edited by Michael Pursglove (Nottingham, England: Bramcote Press, 1999). He has published articles in both English and Russian on Russian literature, translation theory and criticism, and the theory and practice of verse translation.