Vera Kobets

Vera Kobets lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. But it`s also possible to say she lives in the world of books. Such a literature-centered life is rather difficult and not altogether pleasant. But sometimes it helps to see things that are invisible to those who are up-to-date and active.

After graduating from St. Petersburg State University, Vera Kobets devoted a number of years to academic work and studies. But a nagging suspicion that something was wrong never left her.

Now she earns her living translating English and American authors and feels alive only when writing her own short stories. Two volumes have been published. The third one is in a state of preparation.

Vera Kobets has been accepted into the Union of Literati and into the St. Petersburg Union of Writers. But she hardly takes part in their activities. Her permanent company consists of a grown-up son and a small group of old friends."