This month we present the seventh installment of our annual Queer Issue. From the turbulence of adolescence to the resignation of middle age, in prison cells and open relationships, characters navigate queer desire and social constructs around the world. Jeon Sam-hye’s smitten space trainee moons over her superstar roommate. In São Paulo, Alexandre Vidal Porto’s straitlaced husband and father turns a cab into a confessional. Khadi Hane’s broken ex-convict remains captive to the past. Mu Cao’s runaway turned hustler finds sanctuary with an older man. In an excerpt from the first lesbian novel in Arabic, Lebanon’s Elham Mansour articulates a philosophy of love. Ronald M. Schernikau follows an infatuated teen on a school trip with his unwitting crush. And in two views of (and from) ménages à trois, Gabriela Wiener’s compulsive cheat finds it takes three to tango, and Lawrence Schimel’s serene polyamorist spreads the word and opens his arms. Our special feature showcases Latino-Canadian literature, introduced and translated by María José Giménez.

Latino-Canadian Literature

Trilingual Day of Rain

it’s still raining / as it did at the beginning of time

The Flowers of War

the flowers of war / open at night / on boulevard Saint-Laurent

María Times Seven

It was by accident that Doña Toña decided to sell her daughters’ tears.

The Right Path

They blamed the phenomenon on the machinery of the heavens, and not on the machinations of man.

Book Reviews

“Scattering the Dark: An Anthology of Polish Women Poets” edited by Karen Kovacik

A lively selection of Poland’s women poets writing before and after the fall of communism.

“Infidels”  by Abdellah Taïa

Dreams of unraveling love and belonging on the path to Jihad.