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5 Tricks to Keep the Ghouls at Bay this Halloween

Image of 5 Tricks to Keep the Ghouls at Bay this Halloween

If you’ve shivered your way through our Ghost Stories feature this month and are ready for a few more frights, you need only turn to our pages, where you’ll find multiple examples of universal scary tropes. Read on for a cornucopia of cautionary tales:

#1 Don’t pick up hitchhikers. 
Kanji Hanawa shows why you should keep on driving in “Compos Mentis.”

#2 Don’t accept inexplicable invitations to strangers’ houses. 
An eager guest regrets his acceptance in Marcus Orths’s “On Killing.”

Image: Vincent Price in “The House on Haunted Hill,” 1959. Wikimedia Commons.

#3 Don’t pitch your tent on private property. 
Italian horror writer Marco Candida shows a last-minute camping trip gone south in “Dream Diary.”

#4 Don’t wait to weed your garden. 
An aggressive plant takes over both garden and gardeners in Jyrki Vainonen’s  “The Garden.”

Image: Still from the film “Little Shop of Horrors,” 1960. Wikimedia Commons.

#5 Don’t get too immersed in a project
Dejana Dimitrijević finds a young woman consumed by her needlework in “The Cover.” 

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