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The Watchlist: August 2017
M. Bartley Seigel
First Read—From “Croatian War Nocturnal”
Spomenka Štimec
The Watchlist: July 2017
M. Bartley Seigel
First Read—From “I Hear Your Voice”
Young-ha Kim
First Read—From “Adua”
Igiaba Scego
First Read—From “Rhapsody in Quebec” by Akos Verboczy
Akos Verboczy
First Read—From “Literature Class”
Julio Cortázar
First Read—From “Camanchaca” by Diego Zúñiga
Diego Zúñiga
First Read—From “The Gringo Champion” by Aura Xilonen
Aura Xilonen and Andrea Rosenberg
Fidel in the Literary Imagination
Anna Kushner
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