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WWB Daily: Past Posts

Sep, 2016

The Watchlist: September 2016
M. Bartley Seigel
The Thoughtful Traveler: On Giampiero Neri’s Poetry
Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani
First Read: From “Landing”
Laia Fàbregas & Samantha Schnee
7 Stories from Classrooms Around the World
Susan Harris
Our 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature Office Pool
Susan Harris
The City and the Writer: In Beirut with Hala Alyan
Nathalie Handal
WWB Weekend: Willy Wonka and the Interstellar Chocolate Factory
Susan Harris

Aug, 2016

Keep Reading #WIT with These 13 Taiwanese Writers
Liz Cettina
Running Out of Time? 10 Short Works to Read Before Labor Day.
Lavinia Liang
WWB Weekend: When the Earth Moves
Susan Harris
The Translator Relay: Ming Di
Jessie Chaffee
The City and the Writer: In Tirana with Ani Gjika
Nathalie Handal
WWB Weekend: Three Summer Jobs from Hell
Susan Harris
Where Are the Women in Translation? Here Are 31 to Read Now.
Liz Cettina
The Watchlist: August 2016
M. Bartley Seigel and Stephanie Hubble
An Interview with Shih Chiung-Yu
Darryl Sterk
WWB Weekend: Afterlives of Taiwan’s Women Writers
Susan Harris
Unsilenced Texts: Mona Kareem Translates Ashraf Fayadh
Jessie Chaffee
First Read: From “Instructions Within” by Ashraf Fayadh
Mona Kareem & The Operating System
WWB to Partner with Brazil’s “Revista Pessoa”

Look Who’s Coming to the WWB Gala!
The Editors of Words Without Borders
The City and the Writer: In Cairo with Yahia Lababidi
Nathalie Handal
WWB Weekend: Olympian Feats
Susan Harris
A Language Is a Window: An Interview with Krys Lee
Jessie Chaffee
FLIP 2016: Some Considerations
Eric M. B. Becker

Jul, 2016

Melting? 5 Stories to Beat the Heat
Susan Harris
A Map With No Edges: Science Fiction Across Cultures
Nicholas Otte
The City and the Writer: In Patra with Christos Tsiamis
Nathalie Handal
WWB Weekend: Beach Reading
Susan Harris
The Borders of Language: An Interview with Etgar Keret
Jessie Chaffee
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