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January, 2010

Translate This Book!

Perhaps it’s unnecessary to draw attention to Translate This Book! at The Quarterly Conversation — after all, The New Yorker has already done so — but I wanted to point out two African volumes in the list: Aynfelale or “Let Us Not Separate,” written by...

Around the Web: Marías, Bolaño, Best Translated Book Long-list

I'll be reporting here a bit more about Javier Marías, but ran across this today (when reading a letter to the editor of TLS by the wonderful writer Gabriel Josipovici) and think it will be of interest to Marías fans: Marías’s mentor Sir, – Reviewing...

October, 2009

Podcasts of Kapuściński panel at NBCC

The National Book Critics Circle's blog, Critical Mass, is featuring a three-part series of podcasts and videos to cover the complete symposium held last week at NYU: After Kapuściński: The Art of Reportage in the 21st Century. Co-sponsoring the event were the NBCC, Words Without...

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