film icon $9.99, A Film Based on the Short Stories of Etgar Keret

By Bud Parr

I taught my son a simple rule when he, at the age of four or so, began to see the barrage of books that are part of the marketing effort behind movies. If the book came out first, the book is better, if the movie came out first, the movie is better. These are tough waters to navigate with a kid and of course the truth is a little more nuanced because sometimes a film as a reinterpretation of a book and can hold its own riches. That's what I'm hoping for with $9.99, an adaptation of Etgar Keret's stories in stop-motion animation. 

Keret is a master of the art of short story telling, a mastery that he's brought to film before, so it will be fascinating to see how well his stories translate to film. Here's a link to more information on the DVD, which will be released here on the 23rd: [Toonzone]. And here's a link to more Etgar Keret material here at Words Without Borders: [Etgar Keret]

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