film icon A Conversation with Alex Epstein, author of \\\“Blue has no South\\\”

By Bud Parr

A Conversation with Alex Epstein from Words without Borders on Vimeo.

Highlights from a conversation between Words Without Borders editors and Alex Epstein, the author of "Blue has no South"

Last week, Rohan and I sat down with Alex Epstein who was in New York City visiting from Tel Aviv. We had a very nice discussion on his book, Blue has no South, on mythology, angels, Jorge Luis Borges and lots of other authors and influences, short-form literature and poetry. This video captures some of that conversation.

Here is Alex's bio:

Alex Epstein was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1971 and moved to Israel when he was eight years old. He is the author of three collections of short stories and three novels; his work has been translated into English, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, and Italian. In 2003 he was awarded Israel’s Prime Minister’s Prize for Literature. In 2007 he participated in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. He writes literary reviews for several newspapers and teaches creative writing in Tel Aviv.

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