film icon Censorship in Egypt: An Interview with Magdy El Shafee

By Susan Harris

In February 2008, WWB published an extract from the first Egyptian graphic novel for adults, Magdy El Shafee's Metro. Set in a chaotic modern Cairo pulsing with economic and social instability, the novel protrays the city as a vortex of political corruption. When the book was published in Egypt two months later, the police raided the publisher's office and confiscated all copies of the book on the grounds of "disturbing public morals." After a lengthy trial, Magdy and his publisher were fined. The book remains unavailable in Egypt. In this video, shot during a visit to the U.S. last fall, Magdy displays one of the few copies of the printed book and talks about why it enraged the government. And read Magdy's graphic report from the revolution here.

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