Chtenia, Nomer 1

By Rohan Kamicheril

The editors of Russian Life magazine announce the first ever issue of their companion publication, Chtenia. From the Russian word for "readings," Chtenia's aims are the logical extension of Russian Life's— more fiction, non-fiction and photography, now in a convenient paperback format.

Each issue of the magazine is themed, and the theme of the premiere issue is "The Hearts of Dogs." Featured work includes:

The Diary of Mikki Fox, By Sasha Chyorny

Chang's Dreams, By Ivan Bunin

Glasha, By Sergei Dovlatov

The Dear Dog, By Anton Chekhov

Faithful Ruslan, By Georgy Vladimov

White Beem with the Black Ear, By Gavrill Troyepolsky

Metrodogs, By Alexandra Mayantseva

Burial of an Angel, By Yevgeny Grishkovets

Farewell, Ravine, By Konstantin Sergiyenko

A Concise Dog-Owner's Manual, By Maria Galina

The Little Silver Fox, By Yuri Koval

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