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By Bud Parr

image Georges Perec fans will be glad to know that Godine will release a revised 20th anniversary edition of Life A User's Manual this fall. The Review of Contemporary Fiction is updating its Perec issue for their Spring '09 edition as well.


image The Latin American Review of Books reviews Zoetrope: All-Story's excellent Latin American issue (that was the Spring issue - Coppola fans note that the Summer issue includes the filmmaker's prose treatment of his latest film, "Tetro"). Here's an excerpt from Alicia Kennedy's review of the Latin American issue:

"The editors' introduction is titled íEnter the Post-Post Boomë and in it they argue that ignorance of Latin American literature beyond Márquez fosters an inequitable and dangerous relationship between the region and the English-speaking world. They hope that the recent success of Roberto Bolaño has opened up a new interest in Latin American fiction, and conclude by noting that they ísimply selected stories [they] likeë in lieu of attempting to make a sweeping, grand statement about what the region's literature is doing as a whole. By taking this approach, they are actively breaking down the essentialist understanding of Latin American letters as a homogeneous force steeped in the tradition of magical realism."

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