Podcasts of Kapuściński panel at NBCC

By David Varno

The National Book Critics Circle's blog, Critical Mass, is featuring a three-part series of podcasts and videos to cover the complete symposium held last week at NYU: After Kapuściński: The Art of Reportage in the 21st Century. Co-sponsoring the event were the NBCC, Words Without Borders, The Polish Cultural Institute, the New York Institute for Humanities, and the Overseas Press Club.

The first installment just went up today, and features a written summary of the inaugural panel, penned by the editor of this post, along with a downloadable podcast of participants Joshua Clark, Eliza Griswold, Arif Jamal, Kinga Kosmala, Pawel Smolenski, Elizabeth Rubin, and Jane Ciabatarri, plus an introduction from Lawrence Weschler.

Check back soon at Critical Mass for the second and third parts.

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