The Bolaño Guide to WWB

By Susan Harris

If you're compiling a reading list from Roberto Bolaño's Between Parentheses, you can find many of his recommended authors right here at WWB. Looking for "the best woman writer in Mexico"? That would be Carmen Boullosa. Is César Aira "mainly just boring," or "one of the three or four best Spanish-language writers alive today"? Why is Nicaraguan Rubén Darío one of the great poets of Chile? The title story of Juan Villoro's "excellent" The House Loses, an interview with Javier Cercas about Soldiers of Salamis (which includes a character named Bolaño “who isn’t me, in the same way that the narrator Cercas isn’t Cercas”), Bolaño's esteemed Horacio Castellanos Moya, Enrique Vila-Matas and Rodolfo Wilcock—all here, as well as pieces by others cited in passing if not in detail: Álvaro Enrigue, Juan Emar, Silvina Ocampo.  And when you've completed Bolaño's tour of WWB, you can turn to our book reviews and read what we have to say about him.

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