Welcome Three Percent!

By Bud Parr

The indefatigable Chad Post and E.J. Van Lanen have just launched their wide-ranging blog at the University of Rochester, appropriately entitled Three Percent, which reflects the percentage of books translated into English every year in the U.S. Congratulations to both Chad and E.J. on this fresh, and already active, resource for literature-philes. Not ones to rest on their laurels, they, along with Nathan Furl, are also kickstarting a new press, Open Letter, which will publish 12 works of literature in translation every year beginning in the fall of 2008. In their spare time, they are founding a new translation program at the University of Rochester. Guys, if you need some Starbucks coupons for those all nighters, we can help. Kudos to this threesome for what they've already accomplished in this short time in their new environs, and our very best wishes on their programs to make global literary works more accessible to the American public.

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