Marian Schwartz

Marian Schwartz is a prize-winning translator of Russian fiction, history, biography, criticism, and fine art. She is the principal English translator of the works of Nina Berberova and has translated several Russian classics. Her most recent book translations are Mikhail Shishkin’s Maidenhair (Open Letter Books), three novels by Andrei Gelasimov (AmazonCrossing), Leonid Yuzefovich’s Harlequin’s Costume (Glagoslav), and Aleksandra Shatsikih’s Black Square (Yale University Press). Forthcoming are Andrei Gelasimov’s Gods of the Steppe (AmazonCrossing), Yuri Lotman and Elena Pogosjan’s High Society Dinners (Prospect Books), Yuri Mamleyev’s Shatuny (Haute Culture Books), and Venedikt Erofeev’s play Walpurgis Night, or Steps of the Commander (Yale University Press). In late 2013, Yale University Press will be publishing her new translation of Anna Karenina. Schwartz is a past president of the American Literary Translators Association.

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