Shelley Frisch

Shelley Frisch taught at Columbia University while serving as Executive Editor of The Germanic Review, then chaired the Haverford/Bryn Mawr Bi-College German Department before turning to translation full-time in the 1990s.  She has published widely on German literature, film, cabaret, and the political and linguistic dimensions of exile, as well as on translation; her book on origin of language theories, The Lure of the Linguistic, was published in 2004.  Her many translations from the German include biographies of Nietzsche, Einstein, and Kafka, for which she was awarded a Modern Language Association Translation Prize.  She has received an array of grants, prizes, fellowships, and residencies, and has also served on several juries to award translation prizes.  She co-directs international translation workshops with Karen Nölle. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Shelley Frisch's articles