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Articles tagged "Absurdism"

Ten Short Pieces

The Artist's Likeness Is Like an Artist This tale is rather old: Two painters wanted to see which of them could paint the painting that best imitated reality . . . One of the painters painted the front of a house, and the illusion was so perfect, so exact, that at first his competitor believed he had lost, but then understood that he simply had to enter the painted house and hang the painting that he had painted on a wall inside. The Angel Who Photographed God Who, these days,...


Life is full of unexplainable things. But, moreover, it is full of me. To be better heard, I repeat, ladies: it is full of me. From this you will deduce that I too am one of those unexplainable things, irremediably unexplainable. You are wrong, ladies, you are wrong like some weeds that think it rains when a cow urinates over them. You are some weeds too. When God shouts, or vice versa, you think I'm yelling, and you applaud. Ladies: the time has come for you to re-educate yourselves....

“Is there anything on earth that has significance…”

"Is there anything on earth that has significance, and that could alter the run of events not only on earth but also in other worlds?" I asked my teacher. "There is," he answered. "What is it then?" I asked. "It's..." started my teacher. Suddenly he fell silent. I stood and anxiously awaited his answer. But he said nothing. I stood and said nothing. He said nothing. I stood and said nothing. He said nothing. Both of us are standing there, saying nothing. Ho-la-la! Both of...

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