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Articles tagged "Angolan Civil War"

from Havana Black

"And get here quick!" he screamed at a sky that seemed languid and becalmed, as if still painted from October's deceptive palette of blue: he screamed, arms crossed, chest bare, bellowing a desperate plea with every ounce of strength his lungs could muster, so his voice would carry and also to check that his voice still existed after three days without uttering a single word. Punished by cigarettes and alcohol, his throat at last felt the relief of creation, and his spirit thrived...

from Alive in the Mortuary

The setting is inside the mortuary of a hospital in an African country at war, Angola. Two corpses are covered by white sheets. In the original play, the text in italics is spoken in English, and otherwise the text is spoken in Cantonese. Scene One [The curtain opens, pitch black darkness, the sound of banging on doors.] Dr. Li: Damn! Damn! Damn! [banging on the doors] Open the door! Sam! Sam! Are you guys there? Open the door! Shit --- [Lights up, an exhausted old doctor, a...
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