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Articles tagged "Augusto Pinochet"

Contreras’s Dream

This is an IMAGINARY STORY . . . aren't they all? ALAN MOORE History is ours, and it is made by the people. SALVADOR ALLENDE   On the night of September 9, Manuel Contreras Valdebenito wakes up screaming in his bed. Something spoke to him in his dreams: treason, life imprisonment, dishonor. An expression traveling through time. On the road to Damascus. The next day, he picks up the phone and makes a call. Augusto Pinochet Ugarte and Gonzalo Leigh Meza are arrested under the...

Roberto Ampuero’s “The Neruda Case”

Never meet your heroes—you’ll only be disappointed, or so they say. For Cayetano Brulé, the mild-mannered protagonist of the Chilean Roberto Ampuero’s sumptuous new novel, that maxim is put thoroughly to the test when his path unexpectedly crosses with the Nobel-winning poet Pablo Neruda’s. An unusual meld of history, biography, and fiction, The Neruda Case reveals Neruda to Brulé, and to us, as all too human—and conveys with great acuity how...

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