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Articles tagged "Belgian Literature"

Let Us Talk

First, we will bury you in the sand, with your head free to speak about mutual understanding, about peace;   first, we will make your field our own, station soldiers between mine and thine, direct the camera from our side;   first, we will count our dead from the past two thousand years and justify the beating,   and wipe the spit from our hands and declare—it's clear as day; you want no peace in this land. Translation of "Laat ons praten," from...

Three Fables

The Tiny Bones She wrote the perfect sentence. It was not crafted; it tumbled freely from the heavens, straight into her head. She didn't do anything. She just sat. And there it was, then, fully formed. She was not to blame. She always wondered what it would feel like, to write the perfect sentence. Now she knew. She always wondered what it would sound like. Like Hendrix on a hot summer night, or Johann Sebastian Bach on a churchly morning? It did. When she took it in her mouth, it...

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