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Articles tagged "Canadian Literature"

Blonde on Blonde: Emily Schultz Interviews Her Translator, Éric Fontaine

While Éric Fontaine was working on the translation of my novel The Blondes from English into French, I was in Brooklyn and he was in Montreal. This was the first time my fiction had been translated, and it was very exciting for me to see the translation process and the final result. Fontaine’s translation was published by Editions Alto in Canada and by Asphalte Editions in France. The Blondes is a novel about a virus that affects only blonde women, whether their hair...

Two Faces

Eyes closed, I see again the delicate edens growing in the frost on the windowpanes. Luminous garlands woven into the snow-covered railings during the festive season to celebrate the birth of a child-god. The bloody flame of the burner glowing red through the window of the oil-fired boiler cast onto the walls glimmers of the eternal cremation of souls. Our mother’s wigs made from the hair of Filipinas killed during the war. Our socks which she mended with eelskin. The crickets our...


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