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On Angoulême and Control

Illustration accompanying call for boycott. © Julie Maroh. The furor over the list of nominees for the Grand Prix of the Angoulême International Comics Festival (FIBD) should be understood as a typical example of a number of societal phenomena. I mean by this that the comics world is no more or less sexist than other communities: it’s just the same. But I also mean that this controversy was a gift for the media and for those who love to dig into such a juicy morsel since...

The Strange

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Lots of stranges aren't here legally.

The Fall

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It parachuted down.

from Le Piano Oriental

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Fifteen years later, I was the one who left.

Noodling in New York

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No Japanese person would call a cat Thomas Jefferson.

Panels read from right to left.

The Sea Girl & the Prince

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What! Who could this strange man be?

Our Graphic Archive: Issues 2007–16

Click on the graphics below to read our graphic novel issue through the years.   February 2016 - International Graphic Novels: Volume X   February 2015 - International Graphic Novels: Volume IX   February 2014 - International Graphic Novels: Volume VIII   February 2013 - International Graphic Novels: Volume VII   February 2012 - International Graphic Novels: Volume VI   February 2011 - International Graphic Novels: Volume V  ...

International Graphic Novels at New York Comic Con: Brazil and France

On October 8-11, 2015, the Javits Center hosted the tenth edition of the New York Comic Con, gathering a crowd of 170,000 fans, many in costume, eager to meet creators and characters. Among so many masks, tights, and capes, there was also space for international comics, discussed on two panels during the event.   Different is Cool: Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon The 39-year-old twins from Brazil who write and draw graphic novels—sometimes in collaboration, other...

Where the Sidewalk Bends: Interview with Pacha Urbano

Brazilian writer, illustrator, and screenwriter Pacha Urbano describes his brain as “an ideas factory that never stops.” His genre-defying projects include the aphoristic book Livro Ao Acaso (Book of Serendipity), the comic strip Filho do Freud (Freud’s Son), a compilation of that series called As TRAUMÁTICAS Aventuras do Filho do Freud (The TRAUMATIC Adventures of Freud’s Son), and, most recently, a book of short stories, Vidas Despercebidas (Unnoticed...

Illustrating Conflict: Perspectives from FIBDA

Under the heading "Algiers, Bubbles without Frontiers," this year's International Comics Festival of Algiers (Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Alger, or FIBDA) provides an important space for discussions and works around history, war, and conflict. I previously wrote about FIBDA in this series with an eye to the role it has played in the evolution and renaissance of Algerian comics. In this installment I would like to focus on the role comics can play as a...

Animal Farm; or, a Short and Somewhat Political History of Comics in Poland

The Goat Polish comics began in 1919 with the publication in the Lvov satirical weekly Szczutek (“Fillip”) of With Fire and Sword; or, The Adventures of Mad Grześ, about a young soldier who battles enemies of Poland on various fronts.  For the next twenty years, the comics market developed slowly but systematically. Comics were published in magazines for both children and adults. Most were imported—among them Prince Valiant, Tarzan, and Mickey Mouse. The...

Paradise . . . Kind of

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The Total corporation—jewel in the crown of the French economy—maintains a presence in many countries across the globe, wherever there are fossil fuels to exploit. To do so, it hires locals, but also French employees with expatriate contracts lasting an average of two years. Two years in westernized surroundings, with housing, a company car, and schooling for their children in comfortable conditions and their own language. That’s how there came to be a small Gallic...

from Great General Mighty Wing

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Taken from Life: An Interview with Gipi

By Nicole Rudick   The appeal of some translated works lies in their ability to relate specific events to a broad foreign audience. Others operate in reverse, projecting a nonspecific vantage that can be claimed on an individual scale, as a sympathetic experience. The comics of Italian writer and artist Gipi fall into the latter category. Born Gian Alfonso Pacinotti in Pisa in 1963, Gipi has been creating comics for more than a decade. English-speaking readers may know him...
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