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Articles tagged "Congo"

The Prodigal Father

Tomáš Zmeškal’s father was a Congolese intellectual who traveled to the capital of Communist Czechoslovakia in 1959 to win support for the soon-to-be independent Republic of Congo, but never made Prague his home. In Socrates at the Equator: Family Reportages (2013), Zmeškal uses a mix of reportage, memoir, and journal entries to describe his search for his father and his encounters with his father’s family in Congo itself. A writer can rarely stop...

Blue, White, Red

At the beginning, there was the name. A humdrum name. A two-syllable name: Moki... At the beginning, there was that name. Moki is standing in front of me. I see him again. He's talking to me. He is giving me instructions. He tells me to take care of the rest with Préfet. Don't ask him any questions. Just do what he asks me to do. Moki is there, his gaze turned upward toward the sky. He rarely takes a good look at his go-betweens. I listen to him. Continuously. Rapt. Am I...

Broken Glass

I need to start by describing the row that accompanied the birth of the bar, to tell you a bit about the calvary the Captain had to face, because some people wanted to drive him into his grave, to draw up his last will and testament, it all began with people from the Church who, when they saw their congregations were diminishing on Sundays, began a real Holy War against him, they all threw their Jerusalem bibles at Credit Gone Away, they said that if this went on there would be no more...

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