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Articles tagged "Cornish Literature"

Day Two at the London Book Fair

The London Book Fair runs from April 16-April 18, and WWB brings it to you from the Literary Translation Centre, a seminar dedicated to all aspects of literary translation.  Follow us each day on [email protected] on our Dispatches blog, where we'll be posting daily round-ups with news on the ground.   Day Two at the Literary Translation Centre gives us pause. On everyone’s lips is a quirky idea, especially for a group of translators and translation...

The Calendar

For the Cornish original, please click here. In Egypt men of science reckoned a year precisely1 and worked out the days, a thing good for everyone. There came Julius Caesar and saw Cleopatra and learned about the science of calculating it so accurately. His calendar was splendid.2 There were no mistakes, three hundred and sixty five days, although they were increased by just a quarter of one day, was the true length of one year from Asia to Spain, Africa, Greece...
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