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Articles tagged "Cuban Revolution"

Fidel in the Literary Imagination

I was born to Cuban exiles after the Revolution. For me, Fidel was always there, openly when his image paraded across the TV news in our Philadelphia living room, or implicitly when I watched movies like Woody Allen’s “Bananas.” He was the ghost in the room when my parents returned from a trip back to Havana in 1979, their photos of relatives I’d never met and stories of how much had changed on the island infused with a continuous, underlying chant of “this is...

from Chapter 12, The Autobiography of Fidel Castro

(Circa) May 29 The rebel group moves to the west of the Pico Turquino,1 in the Plata Alta region, where they quickly settle in. If you ever read Carlos Franqui's Diary of the Cuban Revolution, you'll see a small note of mine right on page 432: William: The need to take out my weapon might, in my subconscious, have something to do with an incident that took place a long time ago when an armed man brandished a rifle in order to carry out an order. It came to be like a reflex...

from Chapter 1, The Autobiography of Fidel Castro

Beneath the shade of a tamarind tree in bloom My father was smoking under the tamarind tree while the women skinned the animals and peeled the cassava. Poor thing. I see him getting a breath of fresh air under the tree, a tree overshadowing the whole yard with its eight-meter-thick trunk and the small tamarinds flowering on its branches, its frond cooling and shading the property, its dense, brilliant green foliage marking its territory from twenty-five meters high, the extent of its...

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