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Articles tagged "Deserts"

Melting Sun

"Things fall apart," Tide not turning. Melting away profoundly In darkness The sun. And I, Like every other day A global world-sized wreck Glaring white, A hollowed art Flattened pastures, Facing an abandoned cave Where a tear is The only water Spilled into Emptiness. And I Said to be a big star Whom night made sunset Believe in So what? A mere light gleam Where fate Grins its last laugh? And I What if I had not been, My...

Flirting with the Moon

NOTE: Haggag Hassan Oddoul (born Alexandria, Egypt, 1944) an ethnic Nubian author--who writes in Arabic--did construction work on the Aswan High Dam and has served in the Egyptian armed forces during two wars. He began writing at the age of forty and was awarded the Egyptian State Prize for Short Stories in 1990. An English translation of some of his stories by Anthony Calderbank has been published as Nights of Musk: Stories from Old Nubia (Cairo & New York: The American University in...

Nonmilitary Statements

1 Yes, I did write in my letter that I would wait for you forever I didn't mean exactly "forever" I just included it for the rhythm. 2 No, he was not among them. There were so many of them! More than I've seen in my life on any television screen. And yet he was not among them he has eyes and gestures and anxiety but he was not among them. 3 It has no carvings or hands. It always remains there in front of the television this empty chair. 4 I dream...
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