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Articles tagged "Dominican Literature"


At one and a half I rolled up the stairs to the second floor. At six I almost drowned in a pool. At seven a current swept me down a river. They hit me with a stick, with a rifle-butt, with a two-by-four. They rammed an elbow into my face, my stomach too; they kneed me, whipped me, slashed me with machetes. The neighbor’s dog bit my arm. They cut my ear when they pierced it. I’ve been knocked cold. Slapped. Slandered. Booed. Stoned. Chased by sergeants on motorbikes....

Deus ex Machina

Throw the dice, Lord, your turn has come and it is winter. The trident is cornered, the mountains covered with a skin of ash. Lord, behold light’s song here, your due, in the stillness of the sea and the pure discretion of the endless night. Behold your son, Fire, burning the whole surface with his touch and seducing the water with his gilded tongue. Look here, Lord, his stepsister Dawn, liquid hierophant, maker of shape. In their terrible language they tell of celebrations,...

Bird’s Nest

Luminous missionaries our sexual bodies perfect as a bird's nest carnivorous, incomparable.   The bodies of virgins hold all the dreams the honeyed bodies of whores hold all the men The bodies of ladies hold one man and charm thousands The bodies of dust of the dead where worms sigh The bodies of pregnant women brimming with knowledge of creation The world created through a circle.   “Nido de pájaros” © Aurora Arias. By...

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