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Articles tagged "Earlier Than 1900"

Origins of the Indians in the New World

Note: This poem was originally written in Zapoteco. It was first published in Valencia, Spain, in 1607. Fray Gregorio had heard the story from Zapotecs. The work is a fragment. The name 1-deer, referring to two gods, is probably a calendrical. Mesoamerican thinking is dualistic; gods generally have both male and female forms. In the time, in the day of darkness and gloom, before the coming of days or years, the world being in darkness, when all was in chaos or confusion, the...

Coming Home

My little boy pulls my coat as if he's asking "Why did you take so long to get back home? who were you fighting with all those months and years just to win that prize of snow-white hair?"

“Will nothing of my earthly fame endure?”

Will nothing of my earthly fame endure? Not even flowers, not even songs! What can my heart do? In vain we have sprung forth, we have come to be on earth. Let us enjoy ourselves, my friends, let us embrace here, as we walk the flowered earth. Let no one bring an end to the flowered earth, let no one bring an end to flowers and songs; they shall endure in the house of the Giver of Life. Earth is the place of the fleeting moment. Is it the same in the place where one...

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