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Articles tagged "Ecuadorian Literature"

Beings with Cruel Faces

"I can't stop thinking about them, Doctor," I said. I was prey to a strange tension, tossing and turning on the very lightweight couch, sensing the presence of my counterpart, my listener, inside of me like a brightness or a beam that was probing, mildly aching, but also inquisitive, tenacious. "Do you recognize them?" asked the doctor. The doctor's voice sounded clear, indistinct and cordial, forging the possibility of a remedy, hope. "No," I replied. "As soon as I wake up, I...

Ballad of Ventas Prison

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The Reticent Suicide

(An Inspector Suasnavas case narrated by his friend Pérez the journalist) I've decided to begin this saga of Inspector Facundo Suasnavas with the case that gave root to his immense and deserved prestige at police headquarters, the most discreet prestige that, naturally, wasn't communicated to the media nor, therefore, appraised in its true magnitude by the metropolitan society which Inspector Suasnavas has honorably and constantly protected. I was at the !YA! newspaper...
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