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Articles tagged "Edward Hopper"

The Visitor Edward Hopper Received Two Years Before His Death

Fifteen years ago I moved from my native Rome to this small town embedded on a hill called Anticoli Corrado. I left Rome not in search of a calmer life but because the daily contrast with the greats of the past pained me. Accepting one's own mediocrity does not mean having to see it reaffirmed at every step one takes, we can agree on that. Another factor was that living in Rome was very expensive for a man like me, not exactly poor but of limited means. How would I describe Anticoli...

Self-Portrait, 1925-1930

  On the spot where I write all this hodgepodge of verses stands Edward Hopper, in fact, who engenders them and who, neatly transcending space-time, sends me the signals.   His self-portrait is, as would delight the fantasist Borges, a mirror that reproduces not so much the painter's face as the static reflection of my image. Make no bones about it: Hopper and I form a single person.   His pose, untroubled and...

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