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Articles tagged "Elections"

The Ape

I used to think it an exaggeration that Latin American dictators were always depicted as apes in cartoons. Until one day . . . On the railway track, hundreds of soldiers appeared in their camouflage gear, several armored cars blocked the crossroads, and up in the sky hovered two of those birds. It was Sunday. A football match was being played out in the field, there were drunks in the cantinas, and a sweet marimba was playing at a party. All of a sudden, everything felt like a Monday....

The Headhunter

The Future had reacted to Garza's victory with disbelief and resignation. The editorial page during the weeks following his inauguration was devoted to voicing outrage over the series of illegal arrests that were taking place. That morning would show how well founded their fears were. Foul weather besieged the editorial office; the receptionist shivered, the Culture editor clamored for central heating and the city reporters took advantage of the cold to dress up in coats apparently...

from Mozart’s Third Brain

LV Democracy's secret In free, general elections, with secret ballots There, too, is music's concealment, its inaccessibility, eye to eye Where coercive power, over the other, does not exist This is music's secret When music moves, sovereign, in time, its own time For that is what defines it South African faces, in the first free election The dignity, the...

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